Residents of Pima County, have had a long relationship with all facets of the archery sports. Key to this history, were the two active clubs in Pima County. La Quache, which hosted events on National Forest property at the base of Pusch Ridge. This club was disbanded, due to the loss of the use permit from the National Forest Service. The other club was the DM Arrow Benders club. This club was also a very active club, with a long history and did much to foster the sport. For years this club promoted archery events on the range at Davis Monthan Air Force base. Security concerns after 9/11, left the DM Arrow Benders with no place to hold public shoots, consequently the club was disbanded. The core members of the DM Arrow Benders realized that without a club to promote 3D archery in Pima County, our families and children would not have the rewarding experience we all loved and enjoyed. Long on drive and purpose, but short on money, the search was on for a facility to continue our shooting heritage. Thus was born the Desert Archers.

In October of 2002, after a long search, the Desert Archers reached an agreement with Pima County to conduct 3D events at the Tucson Mountain Park archery range. With targets donated by the DM Arrow Benders, we conducted our first 3D shoot, the first local shoot in over a year. Since that humble beginning, the club has worked hard to continue the promotion of archery and the outdoor heritage we work to foster and protect.

With a structured program of allocating all of our Associate Members dues to our target fund, we have been able to spend thousands of dollars on new targets each year.

The club has grown in size and reputation since its humble beginnings. Our website is always current and full of information to support club members and anyone else interested in archery.

Our club hosts the 2nd Leg (Rumble in the Rocks - Since 2004) of the Arizona 3D Championship Series. Hundreds of archers gather for one of the best 3D Tournaments in Southern Arizona.